We specialize in machining with application of automatic lathes.

We produce small-sized parts up to Ø 70mm of the bar and parts large size up to Ø 400mm  automatic lathes. We use band saws to produce such size parts.

The machinery which we work with is prepared for manufacture of a wide range of products.
We can produce simple parts by means of 3-axis automatic lathe, and very sophisticated ones using the 5-axis machining centers and automatic Swiss-type machines.

Our machines are highly efficient automatic lathes, multi-spindle machining centers of well-known manufacturers such as: Gildemaister, Okuma, Haas, Manurhin, Fadal, Index, Wickman, Emag, Doosan, Muratec, Tsugami, Gildemaister.

All produced parts are under dimensional control on the high-tech measuring equipment such as profilograph (Mahr), surface roughness tester (Mahr), type 3D measuring machine (Aberlink) and also on a wide range of hand held-measuring equipment such type as micrometers, callipers, altimeters, pasameters, inside micrometer of renowned producers (Mitutoyo, Mahr, Kroeplin). More information concerning quality inspection carried out at Metal-Tech can be found in “Quality Assurance System” file.

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