1. OKUMA Automatic CNC lathes. Machines LT200, LT10, LT15, Genos L200E-MY, GENOS L200E-M Gantry Loader

2. Automatic lathes – production line - EMG VL3 DUO

3. Automatic lathe: Doosan Puma TT 1800SY

4. Automatic lathe: Muratec MT 100

5. Automatic lathes: Gildemaister Sprint 32i5, CTX 210

6. Automatic lathes: Haas ST10Y, St10

7. Automatic lathes: Tsugami B0205E-II, B0206E-II, M08DE-II

8. Automatic lathes: MANURHIN KMX

9. Automatic milling machines: Haas MDC 500, Fadal VMC15

10. Automatic lathes: Vickman type, 6 –spindle

11. Accompanying machines such as band saws, grinders and drilling machines

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