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The Metal-Tech Sp. z o. o. was established in 1986 as a service providing metal-work producer. Thanks to the rapid development of the company, it soon began its production for the automotive industry. The main product at that time were forks used in the tuning pneumatic brake system produced by Polmo Praszka.

In the early nineties when the chief recipient Polmo Praszka experienced crisis, and the Eastern market collapsed, Metal-Tech took up production of equipment for hard coal mines. The main product became susceptible struts produced on the basis of the purchased patent.

The company's recent history began in the years 2001-2002.The defined strategy of the company assumed that the company should develop towards the automotive industry. It was a return to the production of parts for pneumatic brake system, this time on a larger scale.

The company signed a contract with Visteon Company Poland, the new owner of Polmo Praszka, by virtue of which a part of production of the former Polmot company was sold. The company got the authorization to produce water pumps, oil pumps and transmission systems for Polish cars, including the water pumps used in the manufacture of engines in the ANDORIA MOT company. It ensured a stable and sustainable development of the company.

Together with the redemption of patents for the production of parts, the company has also bought part of the machinery, in keeping  of which the previous owner was not interested. It was nearly two hundred machines and equipment used to produce various components connected with brake pneumatics and also water and oil pumps.

Since 2003 the company established many contacts with the representatives of many branches in Poland and in the European Union. Exports to the Belgian companies was started, sales of products made by machining method on the Polish territory increased. The company got the recognition of many large industrial plants from automotive, agricultural, electronic and machine industry sectors. In November 2006 after a year and a half long struggle over the introduction of ISO 9001 quality assurance system, the company was certified.

Since 2004, the company has applied for European Union business development grants. Company received the first grant from the FARE 2001 fund for the development of electronic network. Thanks to the Fare 2002 fund, the company worked to achieve ISO 9001 certification system.

Since moment of the Polish accession to the European Union, new possibilities have opened for our company. We gained new trade partner and each year we have been enlarging export to the EU countries. The company gained also new means for the development from EU funds. From Structural fund, the company obtained and still continues to receive subsidies for the purchase of new machinery and equipment. Currently the largest implemented programs are:

Metal-Tech is interested in cooperation with big partners from machine industry, automotive, agricultural sectors. We would like to be present in every place in which machining is used. We manufacture high quality parts with the application of advanced CNC machinery. In process control we apply the most modern control and measurement means.


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